SpaceBugs 1.0

Defeat the aliens with two spaceships


  • Fun to play
  • Very simple control system
  • Loaded with power-ups


  • Low on sound


Space Invaders has got to be one of the most copied games in history and I've lost count of the number of different versions on the alien-blasting format I've played.

SpaceBugs at least offers a unique new twist on the genre, as in this one you must control two different spaceships at the same time. Controlling SpaceBugs is dead simple - you simply use the left and right buttons to spin both craft simultaneously. You must rotate around the outer circle of a kind-of tunnel firing at the various baddies that fly towards you. While it's easy to control, it's certainly difficult to master due to the difficulty of keeping an eye on both your craft at the same time.

There are two different game modes available in this demo of SpaceBugs - History and Survival. History is a story mode where you must traverse a series of levels of increasing difficulty. Along the way you earn points that equate into money, which you can use to buy weapons, extra lives, and all sorts of other power-ups. The survival mode in SpaceBugs is a frantic dash to try and stay alive as you witness more and more aliens flying towards you at increasing speeds.

Graphically, SpaceBugs isn't going to win any prizes for innovation, but the sprites are tidy enough and the animation is pretty smooth. The game lacks somewhat in the sound department though as there's no music and the sound effects are minimal.

Nevertheless, SpaceBugs is an enjoyable blaster that will keep you glued to your Android device for quite some time.



SpaceBugs 1.0

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